No bigger than a smartphone.

The MiniMax is only 6" x 3" and weights only 10 ounces. It fits in your pocket, purse, glove box, and the palm of your hand. You can take it ANYWHERE!



Modern, Skinnable Case

MiniMax was designed to look sleek and stylish, right out of the box. But if you want even more style, just slap on a custom skin.



Power when you need it most.

MiniMax is no bigger than a cell phone yet can jump start cars with dead batteries AND charge all of your devices including iphones, iPads, Android & Windows devices, and any other device that uses USB to charge.

Awesome. My battery died at work, and a coworker just handed me a MiniMax, and I jumped my car instantly!

Hayden F. - Cincinnati, OH

When you first see it, you think, "there is NO WAY" that can charge my phone AND jump my car. But it does exactly that.

Amanda H. - Orlando, FL

I jump started 6 cars today with this thing...all on a single charge. The customers couldn't believe it. They thought it was some kind of trick.

Darryl M. / Mechanic - Chicago, IL

I keep it in my purse, and it can keep my iPhone at 100% charge all day. I have the Zebra skin, and it looks so cool!

Cindy K. - Los Angeles, CA


Car Battery Cables, Carry Case, Car Charging Adapter, AC Home Charger, 3-way Mobile Phone Adapter Cable (Apple (iPhone 4/iPad 2, Mini USB, Micro USB)


Capacity 8000mah
Input DC or AC 12V/1A
Output DC or AC 5V/2A; 12V jump start
Starting Current 200A
Peak Current 400A
Dimension 5.2in x 2.9in x .9in (131mm x 75mm x 25mm)
Input DC or AC 12V/1A
Weight 300g
Cycle Life 1500

Portable Peace of Mind.

Don't let your loved ones get stranded.

Let's face it. We've all been there, or have a loved one that's been there - stuck with A DEAD CAR BATTERY. Now you never have to worry about that again. The MiniMax portable charger and jump-starter can stay fully charged inside your car, simply by plug in into the cigarette lighter. Then use the USB to keep your phone charged, and always have a jump starter ready if you need it.

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MiniMax Portable Charger and Car Jump Starter